How to get kids engaged in sports

In today’s digital world it is necessary to see your kid get fresh air, exercise and challenge them to try new things. Many studies show the benefits of sports have a positive effect throughout life. Athletic kids are generally physically fit and get better grades in school. Even for younger kids, sports can teach lessons that can’t be learned in the classroom. Kids can socialize, develop a strong work ethic, and learn teamwork.

Here are some ways to get your child engaged in sports at an early age.

  1. Let them pick their favourite sport

Allow your child to choose the sport he enjoys. If he loves football don’t force him to play tennis. 

  1. Make it fun.

Not just to teach skills but to just have fun. You don’t always have to be coaching your child on how to tackle or kick. Sometimes, it’s better to be silly with them and let them experience the fun of sports with you.

  1. Encourage Teamwork

Kids love playing games with each other, and having a group of friends to play is a wonderful way to socialize in sport. Encourage your child for team sports. Teamwork builds strong relationships and kids motivate each other.

  1. Praise efforts, not results

Always praise efforts, not outcomes. It has the potential to motivate, guide and support a child’s learning. After all, sports is not always about winning games but to have fun

  1. Watch Others

Take your child to see others play the sport. Let the child see people having fun as they play. Identify their role models in sports.

  1. Build self-discipline

Create new habits by keeping it simple. Make a routine that you think will work for them. A routine comprises of time to wake up, study, play, and so on.



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