Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow your Startup in 2020


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Next year is just around the corner, and how are you preparing and making digital marketing strategies for the 2020. Here’s the top 10 digital marketing tools for 2020, that you must use to excel and get guaranteed splendid results in year 2020.

The All-in-one Digital Marketing tool for 2020 | SEMRush 

The best digital marketing tool is getting better for year 2020, with the latest feature of automatic SEO(Search engine optimisation) Writing Assistance AI engine which suggests LSI keyword for the targeted keywords and article. This Writing assistance is going to play a key role for content marketing and SEO strategies and all in all to run a successful marketing campaigns for 2020. SEMrush is among the best digital marketing platforms which includes keyword research, organic research, gap analysis, social media marketing tools and lots more, Try yourself out this, top internet marketing product.
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Reliable Survey Creating Tool for Businesses : ProProfs

Online surveys have gained immense popularity in recent years and will continue to do so in 2020. ProProfs is a one-stop solution to create sophisticated surveys to measure customer satisfaction. This online survey software features ready-made templates, expert-written questions, dozens of colors, fonts, images, and videos that help design beautiful, customizable surveys in no time. You can easily share the surveys on all social networks and platforms. The world-class analytics generate detailed reports and track survey results for better analysis.

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Powerful Social Media Marketing tool for brands | Crowdfire.

Social media marketer’s most favourite social media management platform of 2020, Crowdfire. They are bringing in a lot of new features to help you do great social media marketing. Curate and forget, crowdfire will fire your post at the right time through its algorithm. Crowdfire proved to be an extra hand of social media marketer.

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Grow traffic by building High Quality backlinks | Linkable

Backlinks being the fundamental science to increase domain authority and rank #1 on Google. Now, to get backlinks we strive hard to Outreach and PR.  Linkable is best alternative to that grunt work of outreach and PR. In this digital marketing platform, you can hire a high quality writer/publisher, who can write for you in different website in your niche and get you a backlinks. By this it helps you build an incredible high quality backlinks to drive traffic for your domain. 

And boy!!, Linkable is only for high quality links, so it’s not for someone who is low in budget. And of-course high quality backlinks means a sustainable growth, startups should not think much to spare money out of their marketing budget to this, they should just do it.

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Automated conversion optimization suite | Fresh Marketer 

2020 is the year of AI and Automation. Freshwork presents, the best marketing funnel automation platform : Fresh Marketer. It helps look after end to end marketing lifecycle and seamlessly integrates with CRM and sales funnel. It also helps map and track customer journey so that you can offer personalization of next level.

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Create high converting landing page for 2020 | Thrive Architect.

Beautiful Landing page content is Building a mousetrap for target audience and search engine at the same time is a hell of a task. Landing pages are the best online marketing technique which Thrive architect makes it wayyy toooo easyyy. Best landing pages are one that converts ie the landing page that builds your email list and lowers website bounce rate, which is in good books of Google. Engage your lead and convert your customer now with Thrive architect.

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Alternate Graphic Designer | Canva

We know startups burnout lot of money in marketing and sales. What if we tell you there’s a way to save some pennies of you marketing budget. Canva can help you to save money and time invested on graphic designer. Empower your social media marketing with high quality graphics from Canva pro. Best digital media design tool banner

Social media scheduling automation | Social Pilot

Social media marketing is an art of delivering the right content to the right place at the right time. Only Perfect management of all these, paints the profitable picture. Don’t miss a chance to be in their talk of the town, Social pilot helps perfectly to schedule social media post.Social media marketing automation tool

Influencer Marketing & Blogger Outreach software | NinjaOutreach

Influencer marketing and blogger outreach gonna be top priority for this year 2020 as growth hack for digital marketer or growth hackers. Outreach is a already hell of task especially for startup marketing, is it ? isn’t ?. You know the truth. Ninja Outreach, helps you build heathy and natural PR to kick of your growth hacking strategy.
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Unlimited Digital Marketing Assets | Envato Elements

2019 being the year of video marketing, 2020 will get more video than earlier, as a report claims that by 2021, 81% of the internet traffic will shift to video content. Now, if you want to grow, video marketing is a thing any way. Get stock video to get started, without investing on camera or studio to shoot from scratch. Envato elements also lets you download unlimited digital assents for just under 10USD/m.Digital media graphic design marketplace image

That’s all folks, The top ten digital marketing tools for 2020.

Let us know if you think we missed out something here, down in the comments below.

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