Fate of Small and Medium IT consulting firms

How Digital Marketing Can Impact the Fate of Small and Medium Tech companies?

Tech companies and IT consulting firms enable technology for people at large, solve big problems and help businesses run efficiently and effectively than ever.

But are they helping themselves?

No, at this time, small and medium-sized companies and IT consulting firms are themselves facing problems. They are on the verge of the end. Yes, firms that help run companies are dying itself especially SMBs or SMEs

Can You Guess the Reason?

The big reason is “Not evolving and adapting to change.”

It’s an old saying that “Getting over the past and adopting new techniques is one who survives.” 

Tech companies or Outsource tech companies who adapt to change can sustain unlikely changes around the globe. 

Top it consulting firms do the same. They Change and Adapt.

Now how we are saying this from an online marketing point of view is that.

They are not leveraging the power of the internet, and if they don’t, they will die.

IT consulting firms who are in the belief that they can survive the ever-changing dynamic of the market by serving clients, now it’s no more valid.

To give a conclusive proof, we analyzed traffic sources of some best IT consulting firms and tech companies in the SMB business.


The above data of traffic sources are of Two giants in IT consulting firms in the small and medium-sized business, who get on an average of 500K to 1.56M traffic per month. 


Doesn’t that look like a promising number? And still, we are saying they’re going to die?


Wait. !!


Can you find the same similarities?


Can you find that more than 60% of traffic is the direct source?


Well, What does that mean?


The above data depicts the gap they are filling up. Direct traffic means that both rely on old clients, and no efforts are being taken to get new clients.


10-15% search through traffic is not high and, at the same time, that 10-15% counts for brand organic words and jobs. Again it means they are not moving forward.


How we are saying that they are not moving forward is by the fact that their  SEO traffic and social media traffic is near to 0.  That again proves our claim that they still rely on old clients.


These IT consulting companies may get 1 or 2 new deals because of partnerships or through 3rd parties, who enjoy huge chunks and brand value. Leaving outsource tech partners nothing but the dependency of long term partnership.


Today, Everyone has access to analyze, evaluate, and then hire IT consultants.


Thus, New tech companies are investing in content marketing, SEO, and social media. They are giving clients all information to make/influence their decision to win. So the consulting agency which helps clients to make decisions through websites first becomes more trustworthy. 


Thus, most businesses that outrank in SERP directly end up with clients i.e., who are at the top of the search result serving clients every related query ends up doing business with them.


To do that, they make high-quality content on every related query and keywords. We have done that research for readers from IT consulting firms. At the end of this article, you can find our keyword research for IT consulting firms for free. 


Ranking on keywords would help any IT consulting company to grow faster than ever without putting much effort into their direct sales end. 


But it’s not going to be that easy.


Competition is fierce online. To win, you need to Plan, Manage, and Optimize Digital channels against defined targets.


Then, What should be a content strategy?


More than focusing on keywords, one must focus on targeting and positioning high online value propositions.


IT consulting firms should craft a content strategy around their whole funnel and deliver high value throughout the customer life cycle. And the customer life cycle for IT consulting firms looks like below.

SEO Funnel

Exploration Stage :

Very crucial Stage, as you can see for top IT consulting firms, only 10-15% of traffic comes through search traffic, and as said search intent is either Job or branded search term. 

And there’s much business generating gaps present for the IT industry. Remember, New firms are already leveraging it.

And If You would conquer the first fight of showing first on SERP results and turning traffic toward your website. You would keep your competitors out of the picture.

Social Media is unexplored territory and needs very creative business converting campaigns and content.

Decision-Making Stage :

Now once the traffic comes to your website, it is essential to them to keep engaging with your website, which can only be possible by serving them 100% accurate search intent information and your high-value online proposition.

Potential customers are part of the traffic that stays on your website after arrival.

 Potential customers may pogo stick to evaluate you with your SERP competitors at this Stage of decision or evaluation. Hence here, every landing should be sales focused and conversion rate optimized.

If you optimize your landing pages for conversion, then you would end up with a new customer at the end of your sales. 

The story doesn’t end there, but since the part of advocacy and loyalty are well-known stages as a lot of IT consulting firms are running for decades because of this Stage.

So, serving at the above stages is essential, and IT consulting firms must focus and invest on it.

New consulting firms who are leveraging the content gap are turning much new business and exponentially growing. Let’s take a look at the traffic sources of a unicorn new IT firm, as we can see 60%+ of traffic is coming from search, which gives them new impressions every day. And you know what that means “New business .” every day.


Isn’t that interesting. So why not make the new balance of getting new business and deliver high quality to old clients?

 IT firms, who read this article have already taken tiny steps by reading this article and are opening up for a radical change for exponential growth ahead.

Now forward technology marketers team in your company and let them take on from there to hit on for new opportunities ahead.

Since, as IT companies, you are starting to leap into the future, we are here to help with mid and high converting keyword research as below.

That’s all Folks 


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