Why is content marketing important for every business?

Say, for example, you are selling “Yoghurt,” and you are looking for an increase in sales via marketing. Then what are you going to do to capture the game-changing sales record??


Step back and think groundbreaking marketing ideas.


What did you come up with?


Does marketing ideas cover “content”? Damn, yes, it has to, there’s no other way around.


Whatever your content may be, sure those are good ideas.


But do you know what groundbreaking is?

Content creation around Yoghurt: Recipes require your Yoghurt. 


And Publishing that creative content of your’s on websites, How-to videos, competitions, and challenges.


And you’re going to get a fantastic sales figure, Aha!! 


Wait !!


Just when you think it’s easy, you start seeing your competitor leading in content marketing, and it’s not. Either You’re going to go back to your couch and say whatever let it work as it works Or


You’re going to put every penny into whatever it takes to make record-breaking sales.

We have come up with a highly efficient content production workflow to help you understand the content process. So, that you efficiently publish high-quality content and outrank your competitor and make your sales record roof-breaking.

How to create great content for Business

Content Creation Process

The content creation process has to streamline similar to the production of material to achieve the highest quality content and juice out max ROI of the content marketing campaign.


To streamline the whole process, let us first understand all processes involved in content generation. 


The following flow chart is the presentation of content production processes through, and then we will look into all them step by step.


Best Content Creation strategy is as follows :-


Pre Content Generation : Planning

  1. Content Ideation
  2. Content Research
  3. Content Gap analysis
  4. Copywriting
  5. Planning

Content Generation Processes  : Generating

  1. Keyword Research 
  2. Keyword Strategy
  3. Creative Content Writing and Storytelling
  4. Content Polishing 
  5. Graphic Creation

Post Content Generation : 

  1. Publication and Schedule: content 
  2. Backlink research and strategy
  3. Social media share strategy
  4. Measurement
  5. Optimization and value addition

As Abraham Lincoln said


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe


The first two processes here, sharpening of axe and posting is hitting with that.

content marketing process banner

Content Ideation :

Content Ideation is an innovative phase of content creation. 


The critical thinking on what the audience needs, and what is not out there in your expertise area has to be well-thought.


Ideation can be raw at first. And keeping it “raw” would give you tons of content Ideas. 


Ideation is an on-going process. You could become a content idea generator machine, just by keeping “content ideation” back of mind while doing your day to day business activities.


You may get tons of blog ideas, so it is essential to list down everywhere you come up with ideas.


Make that bucket list in excel with the first column as content ideas.


Then, keep adding blog post ideas whenever you get one.

Content Research

Once you have the bucket list of content ideas, now it’s time to research that particular idea out in the market.

Steps to do content research

Go through your list of article ideas and pick the content you think is “the need for an hour.” It should be interesting and which people would share, once published. 

Of Course, you can set your priorities for writing topics, to pick your creative ideas from the list.

Take the best three blog topic ideas and start researching if those contents are already available or not?


Use market research tools to understand demand.

Content marketing Tools: SEMRush is a great tool to do so. Using SEMRush, you can get all analytics for your topic like number shares over social media of similar issues, who shared them and engaged with them. Traffic such posts are getting—backlinks required to rank the post and keywords.

STEP 5 Form content strategy for content development

Crafting content marketing strategy is a crucial step towards content success.

  1. Set the objective of the content.
  2. Observe the trends and calendar events 
  3. Understand the gaps and competition.
  4. Calculate risk and rewards
  5. Finalize the Content Topic and date of publication
  6. Hit the hammer.

Or Hire content strategist for business to get better result, and even they can help you with website content.


  1. Keyword research


    1. Research keywords with the help of SEMRush.
    2. Finalize Pillar Keyword
    3. List out all possible keywords according to niche level.
    4. Tools to perform keyword Research : Google keyword planner, keyword planner, keyword tool, google keyword tool, Semrush.
  1. Modify topic according to pillar keyword and add copywritng flavor to it.
    The key is to make it google and user friendly. Keyword infusion would help rank on search engines, and great copywriting would help increase visitors.
  2. Start Creative Content Writing and storytelling.

    Storytelling is an art of selling products and services via content. Creatively writing helps customers stay and purchase.

  3. Polish the content
    Once the content is ready to serve, bake it in Grammarly. And ask feedback from some people.
  4. Design compelling graphics.

Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not how it looks, But, it is how it works.”

It is true enough, design works. Compelling graphics make visitors visit and stay.

The more the number of images, the better.


1. Publish on your website and polish it with on-page SEO

2.Share on social media where your audience is 

    1. Schedule the post.
    2. Make channel-wise graphics. 

3. Outreach people who have already shared such content.

  1. Do backlink research 
  2. List all potential backlink websites with their email address
  3. Outreach them.
  4. Start making backlinks on anchor text.
  5. Read this blog to make High-quality backlinks through PR quickly.

4.Measure content performance monthly or quarterly 

5.And optimize, measure, Re-optimize.

Check out content marketing check list.

That’s all Folks


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