Blockchain in mobile app market [Infographic]

Blockchain is slowing taking the focus of general public, and soon it will swap your existing mobile applications with blockchain mobile app. Isn’t it interesting if apps are not governed by 3rd party like Playstore or Apple store but governed by everyone ie you, me and developer? That’s the good news here. But wait, there’s more benefits to it, peek into following inforgraphic submitted by to know what other amazing benefits blockchain can do in mobile tech and apps market.

Following Inforgraphic will answer

  1. How blockchain technology will improve mobile technology?
  2. How it will revamp the world of mobile applications?
  3. Will it increase app revenue?
  4. How it is useful for app developers
  5. How app marketing will differ in blockchain mobile app market?

From above infographic we can conclude that there’s big change in on the way, much like what internet did in past 2 decades.

We can see a future where application developer will not have to wait till apps becomes popular after huge marketing or it huge marketing funds will not be required. If community appreciates the value of app, it will automatically grow and the best thing is blockchain mobile app developer will be able to earn from its 1st user itself.And not only developer will be able to earn but user will get benefitted too. Quite amazing isn’t it.

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