Best Tips for High Quality PR Backlinks without outreach hustling

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Well, Getting a single backlink is a hell of work, PR and outreach take a lot of time and hustling. We certainly know your pain. But don’t worry, we found a solution to quality link building. We will walk you through best link building strategy which will ultimately solve your link building problem.

Before that, let’s brush basics if you are already familiar with the basics you can scroll to the last section.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are simply a link from one website to another. Mostly through a text called as anchor text. Backlinks are kind of word of mouth marketing among website.

Broad classification of Backlinks are

  • Follow :Follow type backlinks are by-default.
  • No-follow : But to mention Search engine crawler that particular link not be followed then, one can make use of this. 
  • No-opener :

    No-opener are for security when a link opens in a new window. It prevents malicious window.opener javascript. (mentioned here for those who get confused between no-follow and no opener)

Why backlinks are key factors for any SEO strategy?

Well we know top SEO consultant suggest the same thing. To find out why,  We conducted an experimental study, wherein we found that Backlinks are among top 3 ranking factors. In research, we ranked “lorem ipsum” content to a highly niche keyword in the first page by just high-quality Backlinks.  Thus we found that why backlinks are key factors in SERP ranking.

Why are High-Quality Backlinks important?

With high-quality backlinks, your website increase trust/reliability factor for Google as mentioned earlier, its word of mouth among website. So if a website on which google trust already is linking back to you then it is natural that your website has reliable content in it. Basically your website will surf in search results beating out your competitor for targeted keywords and will bring splendid organic traffic  if you have strong backlink profile.

Follow vs No-follow?

The website must have the right balance between both. Ballpark of 10-20% No-follow backlinks will do good.

The best ways to get high-quality backlinks

As we already told to rank the website, one needs high-quality backlinks. But the real challenge is how to get a high-quality backlink, right?.

So the best ways are 

  1. Organic
  2. Guest post
  3. Partnership and Outreach
  4. Linkable

Organic – Inbound link building

Organic link building is the best way to get backlinks; once a website starts getting inbound organic backlinks, the value of website grows exponentially. But before that, it should have promising enough to get natural backlinks. Now, you might be thinking how inbound organic backlinks are even possible for starters or for anyone in that case. Right??

Inbound organic backlinks are only possible when linking page, has depth in it  i.e. text, video creatives etc. So it is crucial at first place that content should have great value in it, i.e. it should help your audience the most. When you craft such content, you are going to get natural backlinks.

Pros: Exponential growth

Challenges: Can be time taking.

Tips : If you want start with this passive technique, then check out this guide on “How to start blogging“.

Guest blog post

Guest posting is a growth hack to get traffic and high-quality backlink. There are numerous websites which offer the guest post in every niche. Search out for ‘write for us’ section. But here every website has their criteria of selection to allow you to write for them. We also have our rules. Guest posting is a hectic task to perform — time and energy taking. 

Challenges: Time and energy taking.

Pros: can be moderated, looks natural, and win-win deal.

Partnership and Outreach

With PR and Partnership, you can ask for backlink and give back backlinks from your website. It’s more like backlinks for backlinks, a barter system. But here, one has to make an omnichannel approach to outreach individually and pitch them. Events and social media are turning key points where you can network and create a synergy.

For reliable partnership in your niche, you need to do good backlink research which is impossible without great tool, We recommend SEMrush for competitor and backlink research.

Challenges: Energy taking.

Pros: can be moderated, looks natural, and win-win deal.

Linkable is the fastest and best way from all above we believe, link-able is a platform from where one can hire only high-quality guest authors of the eminent website, who undergoes through rigorous criteria of selection. So No outreach or PR hassle nothing. Sign up and post your project details, linkable will find you an author from your niche, and get connected with them. As Simple as link building job posting.

How linkable can help you get high-quality backlinks without PR and Outreach.

For High-quality backlinks, one must be the author of the website with domain rating above 90 ie from high quality websites. Right?

This is where Linkable comes in as Linkable don’t select any author as such, they have onboarding criteria through which only credible author get onboard. And you know, Less than 1% of all authors who can apply to join Link-able are accepted. Take a look yourself of Filtering criteria is as follows,

  • Must speak, read, and write in fluent/native English
  • Must have exceptional writing skills
  • Must have experience/knowledge with the topics you write about
  • Must have at least 3 different samples of your writing (each published on various websites) so that we can check out the quality of your writing
  • Must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of SEO and why link building is important
  • Must be able to contribute your articles on quality websites related to the niche you specialize in.
  • Link building experience is not necessary, but you must be able to think creatively and relevantly build links within your articles
  • Must be reliable and able to complete work by the required deadlines & follow directions

Linkable is for those who want to save time and energy and want to build high-quality white-hat backlinks from most excellent curated SEO’ed content from elite authors.

The cost involved here depends primarily on DA(Domain Authority) of the website and the link attribute. Linkable community cost ranges from $150 to $1000. It averages around $350.


  • Strong high-backlink profile: Unlock access to high DA.
  • No more grueling outreach
  • Grow your PR & Brand Mentions
  • White hat link building
  • Guaranteed 100% quality work

CONS: Money for those who are tight on budget.

Comment down below if you have question or any new discovery, we will love to solve.

That’s all folks


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