Ocean Of Opportunities Brings Waves Of Chances To All Startups

Organized by Symphony Creative Solutions & NUS Enterprise, Ocean of Opportunities and its corporate partners, among them Hapag-Lloyd, the “K” Line, Ocean Network Express, and Yusen Logistics, are looking for innovative solutions to specific questions within the logistics and shipping industries.

Looking for a variety of technologies, including chatbots, virtual reality, and gamification among others, O3 has themed its challenge statements around two tracks:

General Track

This year, the general track centers around 5 specific challenges:

#1 Virtual Walkthrough for Vessels

How can we break away from the conventional 2D drawings of vessels?

#2 Digitalizing and categorizing contract terms

How can we effectively digitize the systematic processing and recording of our contracts with various vendors, which would enable future in-depth analyses?

#3 Determining the necessity of container inspection

How can we use technology to determine the condition of the container without physical inspection?

#4 Efficient Data Exchange with non-system-integrated Container Freight Station (CFS)

How can we exchange data accurately with non-system integrated CFS efficiently and promptly?

#5 Visualization of roll trailer management

How can we accurately and efficiently manage and track roll trailer movements and conditions?

If you have a solution that answers one of these questions, apply by 10 June!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Track

For the AI Track, O3 formulates 3 challenges:

#1 Schedule reliability prediction using publicly available data

How can we make use of publicly available data to improve predictions in arrival times of liners?

#2 Dynamic pricing based on all determinant factors

With short historical data and non-digital determinant factors, can we still adopt dynamic pricing?

#3 Identification of high-risk vessels based on open-source intelligence

How can we gather enough information from open-sourced intelligence to have a good oversight on the conditions of charter vessels?

If you have a solution that answers one of these questions, apply by 10 June!

What’s In It For Your Startup?

For the winners and finalists of its Innovation Challenge, Ocean of Opportunities offers a variety of exciting prizes:

  • Cash prizes totaling more than $8,000
  • Opportunity to test your solutions on O3’s testbeds and operational sites
  • Direct cooperation on Proof of Concept with corporate partners for winners in the framework of a Bootcamp
  • Mentorship from experienced industry players
  • Special chance to open a new market in Hong Kong, one of the hotspots for shipping companies, through O3’s newest partner, Hong Kong Cyberport – including the chance to meet corporates, investors, and mentors
  • Possibility for your technology to be implemented in ports and ships all over the world
  • Exposure in the trillion-dollar logistics & shipping industries


  • 10 June – Application Deadline for the Artificial Intelligence Track
  • 10 June – Application Deadline for the General Track
  • August – Final Pitch
  • October – Bootcamp

To bring your startup to the next level, visit O3’s website & apply [LINK]!

O3 Recap 2019

Challenge statements will be announced on 26 Feb 2020! Check out ooo.sg for statements and submission details!Excited about O3 2020? Here’s what you can expect!

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