Funding in the Time of Coronavirus

I am due to speak at the SaaStr conference next week: Wednesday, March 11th at 10:45 AM. I had originally signed up to talk about the “VC Market Trends” overall but it seemed inauthentic to speak about VC funding without addressing the virus in the room. So I wrote a brand new deck outlining some Upfront views on what we may see in the funding markets ahead.

This is a message we have been delivering to our portfolio privately so we figured it made sense to make it more public broadly in case its of any help to others.

No doubt it’s a richer presentation with audio and voiceover so I hope that SaaStr is recording and releasing presentations. But for now you can have view the deck I plan to use below (or click to go to SlideShare if you’d like to download it).

I welcome any feedback. Feel free to open source and use any information you find useful.

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